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Testing & Commissioning Of Control & Protection System

Testing & Commissioning Of Control & Protection System


Types of Relay Testing

The type of testing required for each specific relay needs to be designed with the goal of accomplishing the objective.  The objective depends on the specific needs and wants of the customer and ARC is geared towards satisfying our customer base.   We perform testing in four specific classes which are:

1.)    Acceptance Tests

  • New Programmable Relay First Time Applied
  • Test on each Product Received

2.)    Installation Tests

  • Field tests to determine installation will correctly
  • Generally not repeated unless installation was incorrect during operations
  • Performed by simulated tests with secondary circuits energized from portable test source

3.)    Maintenance Tests

  • Inspection and burnishing of contacts (old electromechanical style of relays)
  • Automatic self-test of relay
  • Adjustments checked.
  • Breakers tripped by manual contact closing.
  • Screws checked for tightness.
  • Covers cleaned.
  • As Found and As Left tests made

4.)    Repair Tests

  • Signs of damage are noticed
  • Failure of relay to perform assigned tasks


Types of Relays Tested

The following is a partial list of relays that we test:

  • Schweitzer – SEL Series
  • General Electric / Multilin – UR Series & SR Series Relays
  • ABB – Transformer Protection and Distance Protection Units
  • AREVA / Alstom (GEC) – MiCOM relays
  • Basler – Breaker Protection Relays (BE1-BPR)
  • Siemens – SIPROTEC Series (7UMxxx, 7SJxxx, etc.)
  • Beckwith